Getting Familiar With Python

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These are the steps I took to install Python...
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Cool Things
What I have learned in Python so far...
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Adventure Time
Want to play a fun choose your own adventure game?
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Astronomy Quiz
Want to take a fun astronomy quiz for points?
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Coding Game
Check out this awesome game...
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Dream Or Nightmare
The nightmare that can come from setting up a framework...
Infinity Dr. Who
Infinite Loops
The never ending infinite loop in action...

Some Cyber Fun

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The Joys Of Virtualbox
The importance of using virtual machines and practicing your skills with them...
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Intro to Cyber Security
A wonderful course online I discovered...
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The World Of Proxy
How I learned to use proxychains to remain anonymous online...
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Intro To Linux
A great course I took on Linux...
Raspberry Pi is a trademark of the Raspberry Pi Foundation
Time To Bake Me Some Pie
Setting up my Raspberry Pi...
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Made With Code
A cute little project I made with code...
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Linux Book Review
A very informative book on Linux...
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3D Printing Is Awesome
My attempt at 3D printing...
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Ready To Django
How I finally installed the Django framework...

Fun With JavaScript

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Fun Alerts
How to create JavaScript alerts and prompts...
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Fun With Simple Functions
How to create simple JavaScript functions...
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Robot Game
Can you guess which robot is evil?
Antique Car Clipart
Speed Car Game
How fast do you usually drive? Find out with this game...
Robot Clipart
Simple Robot Algorithm
Interact with a simple robot algorithm...